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window lock mechanism
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Posted: 20/01/2011 10:05:42 AM


I had some windows installed by BAC over 10 years ago.

one window will no longer open.

it is out of guarantee so i can't get a warranty repair, and BAC do not offer a service where i can pay for repairs.

do i need a locksmith or a double-glazing repairer ?
can anyopne recommend a good one in west london ? hammersmith/chiswick ?

Thank you



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Posted: 20/01/2011 6:10:38 PM          

A DG repairer or installer is what you need & would probably be cheaper than a locksmith. Or you can try a little DIY if your windows are 10 years old there's a good chance that they don't have shoot bolts, if this is the case you should be able to pry your window open with a small thin (in thinckness) but wide (in width) nail bar (hope that made sense).

It would be safer to de-glaze the sash first and then try to lift the sash by inserting the bar underneath and pushing forward if this works and opens the bottom half, do the same from the top.

If this dosen't work you will need to insert the bar jsut above or below the locking catch of your window they should be around 100mm from the top and bottom of the sash, if your window is large then there will be more than 2 to locate.

Start with the bottom one and simply pry open your window this may cause damage to the (espags) catches but are cheap and easy to replace. You may also cause damage to your frame if you're not careful so go gently but firmly with the bar if you can try to cushing the bar with something.

I hope this helps

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Posted: 20/01/2011 6:45:18 PM          

Hi we are in kent, we do go to London quite regular but would not be cost effective, although we probaly could supply the part. First thing is deglaze it, get it open and try to get a make of the mechanism, then screw the window shut while the glass is out reglaze it and then you have loads of time to source the part.

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